AT&T Collaborate
Next-gen project and team collaboration application providing all necessary tools to ensure teams be more effective.

BroadSoft's Team-One was offered to build the next-gen AT&T Collaborate product which would combine calling, telephony, video, project collaboration, and group messaging. I lead the design front of this project as I was familiar with Team-One and similar product ecosystems. I worked closely with several stakeholders to make sure that the design achieves a balance between technical requirements and market competency, concurrently following AT&T design guidelines.

9 Months (Aug'17 - April'18)
Mobile, Desktop, Web | iOS, MacOS, Windows, Android
Lead Product Designer

AT&T’s previous version of the app had limited calling related functionality. Maintaining the similarity with the old flow required minimum development effort. Features and interactions were meticulously picked for change so that UX effectiveness would be maximum with minimum development effort. Study of the competitor apps provided more insights on industry standards & patterns.


Preliminary high-level flows were crucial to set the scope of the app and also for getting approvals before detailed wireframing. Flows also helped to level set the developers allowing them to conceive the development effort.


Flows were reviewed by stakeholders and any gaps were filled before detailed prototyping.

Every screen mockup was regularly reviewed by tech leads, PMs, UX designers to maintain design consistency, feature accuracy, and development feasibility. Some core screens such as the home/feed screen required numerous variation to solve most of the use cases and to minimize UX breakdowns for edge cases.

Utilizing the flows and design style guide that was built for iOS mobile screens, other screens for platforms such as Android, Web, and Desktop were designed and implemented.

Visual Design
Implementation (in the process)

Developer teams are in the process of implementation and concurrently QA teams are making sure that the UX and Accessibility guidelines are being followed in the builds. Currently, I am supporting the development work by resolving any tickets/bugs that are assigned to me. Additionally supporting any UI rework that is needed.

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