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I love designing software applications that are intuitive, aesthetic, and provide a delightful experience for their users.

From an early age, I have enjoyed sketching from imagination. I had fun conceptualizing cars, bikes, spaceships, robots and that hobby of mine got me into the field of Design. For the last ten years, I have been designing future experiences for companies.

I design experiences keeping my users at its center. Whenever I am designing, I keep the big picture in my mind, thinking about how the designs need to encompass all the moving parts in a product. I enjoy delving deeper into the technicalities to optimize my designs.

I enjoy collaborating with Managers, Engineers, and fellow Designers. I truly believe design has the power to inspire organizations to build something innovative and something that truly matters to people. Because of this belief, I constantly strive to explore new technologies, new design & cultural trends, or anything that can help me push the boundaries of my designs.

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