A staunch end-user advocate and a recognized authority in product design, I have empowered numerous organizations to realize their product visions, resulting in significant and impactful customer experiences.

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About Rohan

Rohan loves designing software applications that are intuitive, aesthetic, and provide a delightful experience for their users.

For the last 12 years, Rohan has been designing future experiences for companies. His approach involves keeping users at the center of the design process. When designing, he always maintains a holistic perspective, considering how the designs should encompass all the moving parts within a product. He takes pleasure in delving deep into the technical aspects to optimize his designs. Collaborating with Managers, Engineers, and fellow Designers is an aspect of his work that he particularly enjoys.

Rohan holds a strong belief in the transformative potential of design, inspiring organizations to create innovative solutions that genuinely matter to people. This belief drives him to continuously explore new technologies, design trends, and cultural shifts that can aid in pushing the boundaries of his creative work.
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